Pablito Ruiz ­čćÜ Tame Impala: ┬íThe most anticipated Karaoke of the century has finally arrived!

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Pablito Ruiz came to┬á visit us and to resolve a debate that has us crazy since 2014: Did Tame Impala copy their hit song from Pablito Ruiz? What would “Feels Like We Only Backwards” sound like with the voice of Ruiz singing “el viento sopla fuerte sobre la playa”?

His last visit to chile was to promote his newest single Tu Nombre where we see him kissing a woman. Only a mas as confident as he could create such a wonderous piece of art. But beyond just being flexible, there is something that we can never forget: the plagarism by Tame Implala of the song Oc├ęano by Pablo Ruiz.

The Chilean website in the year 2014 put forward the theory that the song Feels Like We Only Go Backwaards from Tame Impala had copied him. The internet went crazy following the comparison of some sounds and sections with the song Oc├ęano, which was made popular in the 1980s by the Argentinian singer Pablo Ruiz. Even Rolling Stone got involved in the debate and Tame Impala released a public statement giving an explanation.

The Ocean-by-Pablito-Ruiz version of Feels Like We Only Go Backwards is exactly what your life needs.SaveSave

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