Lo más random del día… vía ONTD me entero que Cobra Starship (más bien Gabe Saporta) está trabajando con Leighton Meester en una canción, que supuestamente se llama “I Make Good Girls Go Bad“, escrita por la jurado de American Idol Kara DioGuardi. Dice Gabe:

CAN YOU BELIEVE I GET TO DO A SONG WITH BLAIR WALDORF?! It’s no secret that I am a HUGE Gossip Girl fan. (On tour, our fans bring me copies of the episodes I am missing so I can stay caught up),” Saporta wrote. “A couple months ago, I heard a rumor that Leighton was working on a record, and I went to sleep that night dreaming of what it would be like to do a song with her. Next morning (afternoon, actually) I wake up to find out my dreams are coming true! Some people made phone calls to some other people, then, shazam! I’m on a plane to LA to record with my boo. I knew I had the perfect song for her too: ‘I Make Good Girls Go Bad’.

Prueba de la reunión ACÁ.

Y sólo resta por decir: WTF!!!??