La marca española Zara está viviendo un merecido infierno – sobre todo en redes sociales – tras copiar los diseños de Tuesday Bassen, Adam Kurtz, These Are Thnigs y Pity Party; artistas independientes de Estados Unidos.

Los ilustradores publicaron hermosas y notables comparaciones de sus diseños que tiene actualmente Zara en su catálogo SS16:

 Zara: “we are big and you are small”

I kept quiet when the @zara-owned store @bershkacollection stole my pin art last month bc artists always lose these battles. I don't have money for a lawyer??? so I bought a set of the knockoff pins — which also included fakes of @gpez & @bigbudpress — and didn't post about it. . but today I am so grateful to my friend @tuesdaybassen who, after actually doing what you're "supposed" to do (trying to work with a lawyer to fight her own infringement case with ZARA), decided enough was enough and shared their totally offensive reply. their lawyers boiled it down to "we are big and you are small" in the face of very clear theft of like 5 of her products! she shared her experience and it's been blowing up online all day. you can read about it on buzzfeed, jezebel, daily mail, cosmopolitan, fader, mtv and many other outlets. . in the meantime, I compiled a page of all the other artists whose copyrights have been infringed upon for other current products. at first I didn't realize but it's over a dozen different independent artists, the type that post their work on instagram with hashtag #pingame and all that. @zara and their major international stores @bershkacollection @pullandbear & @stradivarius have stolen from all of us at the same time, which is how you know. once is an error. a dozen times is routine. how did nobody question the decision? how did none of the trend forecasters at the world's largest apparel retailer (which includes several subsidiary companies) think "hmm idk looks familiar!" . I don't really know what will happen. personally? I kinda feel like "well ok I have a new book coming out and like, I'm busy, lol bye!!!!" but many of the artists affected by this only make one or two pins or patches. some of these artists handpaint their products themselves (like @ivonnabuenrostro who I love so much). . we can support all the original artists by purchasing directly from them and I've created a handy shopping guide at 👉

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You might have heard that @zara has been ripping off the work of many artists lately. Sad to say that they have copied our designs, too. (Even worse is that adding the heart is actually a pretty good idea… 😂😂) Unfortunately, this is not the first time our work has been stolen, nor will it be the last. There's also not much that independent artists can do to fight international, multi-billion-dollar corporations. This is why we want to send a super huge THANK YOU to all of you. Every time you buy something from our webshop or one of the amazing retailers who carry our line, you are directly supporting our art and giving us the ability to keep making fun Things™ for you. Props to @tuesdaybassen and all of the other people who are calling @zara out on this ridiculously blatant theft and infinite thanks to all of you for being amazing friends and fans of our Things™. xoxo, @jenadrion and @omarnoory aka @thesearethings

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Tuesday Bassen se enteró por sus seguidores del plagio – donde suma más y más followers tras esta noticia – quien rápidamente se contactó con los abogados de la marca responsable del fast fashion y recibió la siguiente respuesta: we are big and you are small” (Nosotros somos grandes y tu eres chico).


Zara se ha destacado por recibir constantes críticas – aparte de tener a niños por todo el mundo cociendo poleras por US$1 al día – sobre la similitud de sus diseños con artistas de internet, para la realización cada temporada.

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Como la unión hace la fuerza, Adam Kurtz se encargó de reunir a todos los ilustradores que han sido afectado por “creativas” marcas en su sitio web y vender ahí todos los productos originales que “inspiraron” a varios bajo el concepto: SHOP THE STOLEN ART

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El tema está sobre la mesa, la creatividad no se queda fuera de los robos y es la interrogante con la que viven todos los artistas independientes: ¿Qué pasa dentro de las marcas de retail que no pueden superar sus propias barreras creativas?.



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